Door systems for construction

Automatic door systems for construction

FERRO is today manufacturer of inner sliding incl. automatic opening and closing of housing and other buildings.

Door types are offered as complete door solutions that fit any purpose and meets specific customer and user requirements.

FERRO’s sliding doors are characterized by having

a flexible design, compact and space-saving
an easy installation
proven components
built-in security system
compliance with applicable laws in construction
user-friendly and easy operation
long life with minimal wear

FERRO’s Concept

FERRO’s concept of interior sliding doors for construction

The concept behind an inside FERRO sliding door to the building is based on our own components based on our core competencies in terms of production and know-how.

Dørføring is constructed in aluminum rail with mounted electric motor, control box and transformer. Press opening and closing of doors is in neutral design and placed near the door.
The door control consists of proven components.
Door leaves are supplied in glass to maximize natural light and spaciousness.
Color glass is optional.

Options on interior sliding doors for construction

The customization is one of our key issues. We can therefore offer a wide range in choice of door leaves (glass, wood or plastic) and door control with various accessories in the form of pressure and sensors.

Cover of dørføring and control box is very individual and needs to be designed on a case by case basis.
Curved dørføringer is also an option that we can offer.
Glass doors can be enhanced by example. glass cut patterns or attached decorative film.

Installation & Service

Our technicians are focused on designing products that ensure an efficient final assembly of each and every door.

Our door systems are mostly delivered as 4 units, namely as dørføring incl. control, door leaves, bottom track and switches / sensors.

Door controller is assembled and function tested in advance, ensuring a quick and easy installation.
Feeding electricity and power supply, enclosure of dørføring / management, marking / decorating
door leaves and assembly are not part of FERRO’s delivery.

For each door system culminates in an installation and service guide, which provides advice and guidance on installation and maintenance.

Security System

FERRO are very focused on the safety of daily life to be in focus.
Therefore, the doors of construction offers several different security measures.
For example. can be connected pinch protection and sensors that prevent persons or objects can be trapped in the doors.