Door systems for buses

Automatic door systems for buses

FERRO has been a system supplier of pneumatic door systems for urban, regional and airport transit buses for many years. The various door types are designed and developed in close consultation with each customer and the product range includes single and double, inward and outward opening doors.

The basic construction is tried and tested, and based on over 50 years experience ensuring exceptional durability, excellent design and effective safety.

FERRO bus doors have a well-earned reputation for:

Flexible and modern design
User-friendly mounting
Well-proven components
Built-in safety systems

FERROs bus concept

The concept of a FERRO bus door is based on our own core components. For example, the pneumatics are built up around a compact revolving cylinder on which the doorpost is mounted. This ensures excellent power transfer and stability when the door is opened or closed. The unique FERRO revolving cylinder ensures constant torque for the entire door movement, providing an even opening/closing speed.

The door is constructed on an aluminium frame into which double or single glazed glass panes can be mounted. The shape and size of the frame can be adapted to bus type and design. The actual aluminium frame consists of a specially-designed profile that combined with the glass gives a robust and stable construction.

Bus door options

Customisation is one of our specialities. That’s why we can offer a wide range of lock systems, handles and colours, plus overall coordination with the bus interior.

Call us for more details. We will be happy to send you a datasheet with more information on our door systems.

Mounting & Service

Our engineers are specially trained to design products that ensure an effective final fit, customised to any type of bus. Efficient mounting procedures help minimise costs for our customers, allowing them to become more competitive.

Our door systems are usually delivered in 3 units – door pillars, door leaves and mounting plate – which allow installation and testing of the mechanical systems on the mounting plate before the final mounting. This saves time and significantly reduces any risk of incorrect mounting.

Mounting and service guides are prepared in close consultation with the customer for every door system we produce.

Safety Systems

FERRO have great concern for the safety of passengers. For busdørene can thus add more security measures. For example, can be connected to a terminal security and sensors that prevent persons or objects can be trapped in the doors.

Call for more information about the idea behind the security system. We inform and be happy to investigate the safety measures we individually can offer our customers.

It is not without reason that “technology for a better and safe journey” has been the company’s motto.